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It is almost time for another school year. However, this school year must be different than the year before. It is time for you to work less and enjoy facilitating more this year. Stop taking papers home to grade impeding your family time. We live in a world that is ran by an app. Remember our bright face students spend hours living in-front of a bright screen and social media. The days of standing in front of a classroom chalkboard are long gone. So why try to compete with a device when you can use the interactive device as a learning tool? This is where flipping the classroom with mobile devices come into play!

Now before we turn up, I want you to know that there is a difference between flipped learning and flipped classrooms. See the way flipped classrooms are set up (cues my Kevin Hart’s voice) … a majority of information is given virtually and assignments/homework are done in class. In contrast, flipped learning includes information that is given in virtual modalities inside and/or outside the class. Now based on your internet connections and access points, the wise thing may be is for the students to use their mobile devices for learning.

Flipping is easy and with thought and a little elbow grease teachers can use the model to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences for their students.

Now before you flip your class you can use

Nearpod– This is an awesome free tool to use to display regular Powerpoint presentations on mobile devices. Students can login using a code that you give them and you can control their screens.
Emaze-You can use this tool to create 3D presentations
My Brainshark– You can turn plain Powerpoints into engaging presentations.
Educanon– You can take videos from Youtube, Vimeo, etcc and embed check for understanding questions throughout. Try to use this in stations to differentiate content.

Edmodo– I have used Edmodo and I call it the school version of Facebook. I like it! It is a universal way to send and receive information from students. It is a great tool to encourage students to be engaged in class and online.

Some of the links may include affiliate links. That means you will not be charged extra but I will receive commission for sharing it with you!

Tools to flip your class during instruction
Today’s Meet– This backchannel is a great tool to use to communicate in meaningful dialogue with your students. You can create separate pages for groups or classes and allow students to ask course related questions. However, for safety reasons, only allow the students to use their intials or just first names since it is public. You can also set perimeters of the life the backchannel and print the transcript

Screencastomatic– I love this tool. It is the best thing since Simon Says and Heads Up! Seven Up! You can show your students how to complete tasks; how to access software; or better yet for your students who do not have access to specific software at home you can create a video and post it to Edmodo!

Remind (formerly Remind 101)- After you introduce the new lesson to the students, it is always essential to follow up with gentle reminders that are nonintrusive (safe too). I prefer to use this tool instead of cell phone text messaging. Plus you can print the transcript.

Follow up tools

Kahoot– Think about your gamers in your class. Game based learning was always here and will always be here. Kahoot allows students to take quizzes, complete checking for understanding tasks, and have fun while doing it. The teacher can get students actively engaged and collect data at the same time. Signing up is easy plus you can use other boards created by students and teachers. Use this link to give students access.

Lino– Just in case you want to have options for your students to select while completing their project based learning, instead of a boring display board and random Powerpoint presentations. Students can create a media rich online canvas to display their learning. It is nothing better that student created content.

Thing Link– Similar to Lino however students can submit their product via Edmodo or another learning management system.


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