Ways to integrate technology in poor school districts

Technology in teaching has brought all the three participants, teacher, pupil and knowledge under one roof of a digital classroom where everyone studies through the process of seeing, feeling and believing. This eventually ends up making you a better person without flaws, but not without the help of automation, tech products etc. The dream of every parent is to see their children grow up and become successful adults, and hope their school education will help them with the preparation.

Ways to integrate technology in poor school districts

Ways to integrate technology in poor school districts

However, for this to work, schools must upgrade themselves to operate in the world of the 21st Century. What can be done to integrate technology in poor schools, let’s have a look.

The Internet Generation or N-Generes

Today’s generation consist student’s ‘fondly’ called the Internet Generation, or N-Geners. More than classrooms, kids are learning through apps and e-learning software’s. But the moot question that arises here is, how will you provide the 21st century student the perfect technological learning experience? Even today in America there are small districts and villages where even basic schooling needs are not available. Schools are mostly remote, and in such places due to violent activity and political downplay the development never takes place. Hence, a loss for the upcoming generation.

Integrated Teaching and Learning

Teachers of today are educating the Internet Generation, and as such, it is critical to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process as often as possible. Understanding technology comes naturally to students, and it is the tutor’s job to show them the practical and real world ways, technology can be used for their upliftment. Remember that the future will hold classes and give lesson using all forms of technology, such as smart boards, Power point presentations, cell phones, tablets and classroom response systems. It’s high time we as a country should make further inroads to the most remote part not only in our nation, but other places around the world, to make integrated technology in poor school districts better. These advanced teaching techniques are imperative to the success of the today’s generation, and it is the educator’s job to embrace the opportunity to connect with the children around the world.

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