YouTube Can Prove To Be the Best Tool for Spreading Education

Stats released by Google’s video sharing site suggest that people in 61 countries around the world watch videos every day. Overall, people watch six billion hours of videos on YouTube. Fortunately, several educational institutes, Universities, non-profit organizations have started uploading educational videos, sessions, and lectures on YouTube since last few years. Let’s take a look at four educational channels that attract millions of users on Google’s video sharing site.

YouTube Can Prove To Be the Best Tool for Spreading Education

YouTube Can Prove To Be the Best Tool for Spreading Education

YouTube EDU

Google’s YouTube EDU has tie-ups with more than three hundred educational content providers and Universities from around the world.

This YouTube channel is dedicated to teachers and students. It allows everyone to create and share instructional videos, classroom session videos, lectures, and other educational videos. This channel was created in 2009, and it contains research work, lectures, campus tours, and classroom sessions from more than 100 universities and schools. The content is divided into three content categories- lifelong learning content, University content, and primary & secondary educational content.

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According to stats and reports, every day more than 450,000 people watch TED-ED channel’s free lectures given by top rated professors on a variety of topics. The channel allows teachers to use the content as teaching resource.

TED-ED’s library also contains educational animation videos. The channel gets at-least one new video every day. Plus, every weekend the channel also gets new Ted Talks video. Some of the videos have been watched more than fifty million times. There is something for students from all levels.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy is as famous as TED-Ed for their educational videos on website as well as on YouTube channel. It is a non-profit organization that offers free educational videos for everyone. The organization uploads micro lecture videos, tools for teachers, and practice exercises for students on its website. Khan Academy’s videos are viewed by millions of people every month.

To make sure that viewers do not lose their interest in the subject, non-profit’s owner Salman Khan prefers to create videos that are not more than 10 minutes of length. This is the reason that even some professors working with top American Universities are impressed with Khan’s work. The Academy offers videos and material for History, Science, Computer programming, Economics, Art and Math.

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Edutopia is part of George Lucas Educational Foundation. Its aim is to use evidence- based, replicable and innovative approach for improving k-12 learning process. Edutopia may not be as popular as Khan Academy around the world, but even this channel has something to offer for every student.

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Not just these four YouTube channels, but there are several other organizations that upload educational content on a daily basis. From website designing to pottery, you can learn almost everything with those videos on YouTube.

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