Free App Alert: Zeal Common Core Aligned Exit Tickets & Tutorial Inside

Dr. CourtneyL. Teague (2)

What: Zeal: Common Core Exit Tickets for K-8 students.

images-1Who: Epic teachers in K-8 ELA and Math classes looking for innovative formative assessment tools for their classroom. Teachers can personalize instruction, track student progress, and engage students in class competitions. Students and teachers receive feedback that tracks progress and shows where extra help is needed.

Steps to get started:

  • Go to
  • Type in your email address and create a password.
  • Create a class and direct students to enter a class code ( Each class will have a specified class code)
  • Begin by selecting from 15,000 pre-made exit tickets aligned to Common Core Standards to help guide your instruction.

This free tool allows teachers to see students feedback and responses in real-time as well as do the grading too! 

When: You can use this tool as an exit tool or as a tool to see where your students are in reference to the standard.



There is no blog or social media site to go to for more info, and there’s no built-in support for ELL students or kids with special needs.

Watch the tutorial:

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